Losing Weight, Easy as 1, 2…CAKE!!! #1

Hi guys!

So most of you will have probably promised yourself to lose weight in the new year. I made myself that exact promise about 10 years ago and am still trying. I managed to nearly get to my goal weight a few years back, but it wasn’t the healthiest of diets and I really wouldn’t recommend it. After a bad break up all the weight went back on and I’m pretty much at square one again.

I figured I could do a mini series keeping track of my weightloss to help keep myself motivated and to help motivate, inspire other and to give help and advice.

It’s been two weeks since I started this seriously and so far I have lost 3lbs (YAY!!). I’ve been sticking to a calorie controlled diet, allowing me 1440 calories a day which should technically help me lose 1.5lbs a week. Of course, not everyone has to follow this way of weightloss. Some people find that they just can’t stick to it and maybe find it easier to eat healthily or to follow a specific diet like Slimming World. As long as you’re eating enough food but are in a deficit to lose weight and are getting all your vitamins (hooray for multivitamin tablets) I say GO FOR IT!!

If like me and you prefer counting your calories, then I would strongly advise you to try out an app I’ve been using for the past 7 years called MyFitnessPal. It is available on both Apple and Andriod devices. I won’t go on about it too much but it’s basically a calorie counting app with a huge food database and you can either manually type what you’re eating or scan it’s barcode and it comes up with the serving sizes and calories etc. It’s very easy to use once you get the hang of it and the people on there are very supportive! It’s also very easy to keep on top of what you’re eating as it tells you how many calories you’ve eaten and how many you have left to eat that day.

To lose weight you basically need to eat at a defecit. Each pound is made up of 3500 calories so to gain a pound you need to eat this much on top of your maintenance amount (I’ll go into this a little more on the next post) and to lose a pound you need to cut out 3500 calories, of course I wouldn’t recommend doing this in a day. The best way is to aim for this in a week with a little bit of exercise. What ever sort of exercise you do is up to you, as long as you’re doing something :). You’ll find eventually you’ll start losing weight, but when it comes to looking like you’ve lost weight, you’ll always be the last one to notice, so keep it up and you’ll notice eventually! Also remember, keep yourself hydrated! Drink at least 2-3 litres of water a day to help flush your body out. You’ll also find you’ll get some added skin benefits from doing this. I’ll talk about all this a little more in the next post, feel free to ask any questions you have :).

I’m planning to do a weightloss update at least once a week and I’ll also answer any questions you have about it.

Much love,

Carrie x

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