Losing Weight, Easy as 1, 2, …CAKE #2

Hi guys!

And welcome back to my second losing weight post. So, before I get started I’ll give you all a little update. I got weighed last week and managed to lose a pound which I’m really proud of myself for! I have been weighed this week as I’m quite I’ll with the cold but that’s not stopping me from eating healthily!

I know some people say that losing weight is really hard but the truth is, it isn’t! It’s just a matter of patience, determination, motivation, willpower and consistency. I’ll explain why:

In order to shed those pounds, you need to be patient as it wont just happen overnight, it takes time and you need to be consistent with your plan in order to see the results. You also need motivation to get you started, to get you eating that healthy meal, to get you in that gym class. It could be something small like being inspired by your favourite idol to something big like losing a couple of dress sizes for your wedding day. You need the determination to stick with it, to push yourself harder. Yes, you might have to cut down on the food and drink you love so much and yes, you might have to spend more time in the gym sweating your butt off than you’d like, but in the end it’ll totally be worth it.

Like I said before, losing weight means that you’d have to eat at a slight deficit and exercise more. You may not find it fun but there are plenty of ways to enjoy it. If your not a gym freak like myself then you can take your dog out for an hours walk instead or head down to the park with your child or younger sibling. No one said you cant play on the apparatus too! If your stuck for ideas, google is your friend.

If you are determined to exercise, getting a heart rate monitor is a great idea. I currently own a Polar FT4 and I couldn’t live without it. It tells me what my current heart rate is, whether I’m in my fat burning zone and how many calories I’ve burnt. The best part about that is that I get to eat half of them back! If you’re unsure on what heart rate monitor to get, looking up reviews on them is very helpful. I will also be posting a review on my Polar :).

Like my last post, I will be keeping this one short but sweet so I don’t overload you with information.

Much love,

Carrie x




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