Make Up Revolution The One Review

Hey everyone!

So this product I brought in my recent mini haul and it was labelled the dupe, and as soon as I saw that it was based on Benefits Fake-Up, I just had to have it. It seemed too good to be true at £3.


I’m still not sure what I think about this product as it wasn’t as close to Fake-Up as I thought it would be. When I first used it I also thought that it would have been the last time as I was not impressed with it.

It went on in a sort of liquidy, mushy-like consistency. I put this down the the vitamin E gel around the concealer being too much. The formula is definitely very different too. When I blended it in, I was almost irritated as it hadn’t concealed anything! It felt like I had applied it, rubbed it off and then it left a little oily patch behind.

I don’t think I’d be buying this product again but good on Revolution for giving it a go!

Much love,

Carrie x

2 responses to “Make Up Revolution The One Review”

  1. Love your blog! ❤️

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    1. Thank you very much 🙂


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