Revolution ‘The Viper’ Mascara

Hello everyone!

Today I’ll be reviewing The Viper mascara by Revolution. I don’t really buy mascaras and when I do they are usually ones I’ve had before. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to trying something new as I don’t want to waste my money on a product that will make me look like I have 6 thick eyelashes (clumped).

I decided I’d like to try something new as I was feeling adventurous so picked up The Viper. It caught my eye the most due to the cool name and the nice packaging. The fact that it had cost £2.50 played a big part in a it too as I love a bargain.

When I finally tried this product, I was so pleased with my purchase! I found that I had lovely, lengthened, clump-free lashes! Also after looking at the applicator, I realised that it was shaped like a snakes head hence the name ‘The Viper’ which I thought was quite cool.

I would really recommend this product as it is low budget but high quality!

Much love,

Carrie x

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