My 5 Current Favourite Kpop Songs

Hello everyone!

I know this post is a little different but as well as writing about beauty I also write about lifestyle. Not many of you know that I am a huge Kpop fan. I love it so much that it’s all I listen to! After a lot of hard decisions and arguing with myself I’ve managed to pick 5 of my current favourite songs.

First up is EXO – Call Me Baby. This song came out last May and it’s still one I listen to quite regularly. It was the first song I heard by EXO and I instantly fell in love with it! It’s so catchy!

Next is Bad by Infinite. This song came out late last year and is still one of my favourites! I can’t get enough of it!

Big bangs Fantastic Baby is one of the oldest songs on the list as it came out quite a few years ago but it is such a catchy and upbeat song that I still listen to it constantly! I would definitely recommend this group to any new Kpoppers out there.

Another current favourite is Chained Up by Vixx. Vixx are such an awesome group and I love all their songs. Ts song came out earlier this year and is really addictive to listen to.

Last but not least is 2PMs My House. I missed out on quite a few of their songs as I hadn’t kept up to date with their releases but as soon as I realised I was behind I hopped straight on YouTube and found this song!

Do you like any of these songs? Are there any you’d recommend? Let me know! ❤

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