Nivea For Men Shaving Balm… You’ll Never Guess What!

Guess what this product can be used as? Go on, guess!

You’ll never guess! I couldn’t until I was told that it could be used a makeup primer!!

I thought that this statement was so ridiculous that I decided to do the sensible thing (and probably what everyone else would do) and try it out for myself. I brought myself a bottle from my local Morrisons for £5 (Bargain!!) and tried it out as soon as I got home. It looked like a primer and felt like a primer, so far so good.


I applied my make up as I usually do and it felt like it went on smoothly. I looked at the final outcome and my make up looked flawless! I decided to see how long it would last so I left it on until I went to bed and it still looked just as good then! I’ve been using this as a primer everyday!

If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d really recommend you do. Let me know what you think about this product! (make sure you keep an eye out for which one you buy as there is a normal version and sensitive version. The normal version can irritate your skin!)




6 responses to “Nivea For Men Shaving Balm… You’ll Never Guess What!”

  1. Yeah I tried it too. And it works. Weird but amazing.

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    1. I know! I was in doubt about it first but it’s great!

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  2. I tried this and at first i wasn’t phased about it, but then when I learnt that to get its full benefits you have to rub it until it becomes tacky well it’s completely different!
    Beautiful blog!😬 💕


    1. I know! It’s great! It’s even better than some of the higher end primers I’ve tried. Super cheap too! 🙂 ❤ x

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  3. I bought this about two weeks ago and have been using it everyday since! I’m hoping to do a review on it in the next couple of days 🙂 I’ve followed you, hope you can do the same xx

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    1. It is a great product! And I’ll definitely check out your blog 🙂 x

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