My Favourite Big Bang Tracks!!

These guys are like the kings of Kpop. They were one of the first groups I listened to and remain my favourite to this day. It was hard narrowing down my favourite songs to 5 but after a lot of decisions and arguing with myself, I finally made a list (which is in no particular order).

First up is ‘cafe’. There isn’t a video for this song nor is it a very well known one but it is definitely a favourite of mine!



Another is ‘Loser’. I heard that this song was about problems each member has encountered, hence their roles in the music video. I’m not sure if it’s true but it’s a great song regardless.



Another relatively new one which I love is ‘Bae Bae’. From what I understand, this song is about sex. If you watch the video you’ll probably come to that conclusion too.



After ‘Bae Bae’, ‘Bang Bang Bang’ came out (all the Bs and repititions, eh?) which is another great song! Every time it hits the chorus, I just have to sing along.



Last but not least is ‘Tonight’. This is an older song of theirs, It came out in 2011, I think. (I only know this as G Dragon mentions it in the beginning).



OK, I know I said This post would have a list of 5 songs, but I really struggled to narrow it down to 5 so I decided my 6th choice would be a bonus track! Last on my list, drum roll please, is Fantastic baby. This has to be the best song in the world. I’ve converted so many people over to Kpop with it! Once you listen to it you’ll randomly find yourself singing “WOW, FANTASTIC BABY” and “BOOM SHAKA LAKA”, I guarantee it!



What are your favourite BigBang songs? Let me know in the comment section below.


3 responses to “My Favourite Big Bang Tracks!!”

  1. Omg I randomly came across your blog when I was going through your profile on thebloggerprogramme and I instantly clicked when I saw kpop x’D My favorites are Bang bang bang, fantastic baby, last dance, fxxk it, ringa linga ling (taeyang), and loser ❀

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    1. Ah that’s awesome!!! I love Fxxx It! I’m a massive fan of infinite too! I saw them live πŸ™‚ Best day ever πŸ™‚ I’ve got lot’s more k pop related stuff coming out soon and k dramas! Thanks for reading, its make my day ❀


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