NYC Individual Eyes Swatch

This is my first swatch post and I thought it was going to be really difficult to do for some reason. I guess I was just doubting myself too much! NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF GUYS!!!

I brought this palette a few days ago in the shade Vampiress as I’m kinda becoming obsessed with the dark look (due to having the skin tone ‘paper white’ I can pull them off) and I decided to wear the shadows today and I can say that I’m very impressed! Here is the look I created:


I was really pleased with the outcome and colours have lasted all day! They’re not transferable either (I accidentally brushed my arm with the swatches on my shirt just now and they didn’t smudge!). They’re very pigmented and you don’t need much product on the brush. One brush load covered both eyes when doing the crease.

Flat Angle


Here are the swatches on my lovely arm ;P.


Colour Swatch

I’m really pleased with this product and I can see myself using it a lot more in the future!



      1. The same colour haha! I love how pigmented the colours are, especially for the price 🙂 x


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