Spring! My Accessories Wish List

Don’t you just love Spring? I know I do! It’s that time of year when you can just whip out the accessories. I’ve always loved accessories which is why this post is dedicated to them :).

These accessories have also been chosen from an online store called Spring. It’s inspired by the beautiful boutiques lining New York City’s Spring Street in Soho. so, what are we waiting for? Lets get started!


  1. Ring Sizer – $4.50

Ring Sizer

Now I know this is a bit of a weird one to have on a wish list, but it’s always handy knowing what ring size you are before you try one on and end up getting it stuck on your finger! (believe me, I’ve experienced that way too many times!).


2. Plum and Bow Crown Jewelry Organizer – $49.99

Plum and Bow Crown Jewelry Organizer.jpg

This is by Urban Outfitters and its priced at $49.99. Isn’t it the cutest! It reminds me of something out of Aladdin! What do you think? It has a catch-all dish for you to keep your rings and hooks at the top for necklaces.


3. ‘YAS’ Key Tag – $16

YAS Key TagThis made it to the list simply because it reminds me of my all time favourite Youtuber Patrick Starr! If you haven’t watched him, do it now!!! 🙂



4. Retro Vintage Extra Large Oversized Metal Circle Round Sunglasses – $9.95

retro vintage extra large oversized metal circle round sunglasses.jpg

I absolutely love these glasses! They remind me of the glasses that Lara Croft wears in the Tomb Raider Games! I like the green tint with the black frame, it just seems to fit!


5. BDG Easy Buckle Belt – $19.99

BDG Easy Buckle Belt.jpg

I love this belt! It comes in either brown or black (personally I prefer the brown). It is also an easy buckle belt, which is perfect for those times when you’re desperate for the loo and you have one of those belts that decides not to cooperate with you!


6. Uniqe Metal Designer Fashion Celebrity Womens Cat Eye Sunglasses – $10.95


Cat eye glasses.jpg

These glasses are very retro and perfect for spring! I love the gold frames and how they’re styled in a cat eye sort of way.


7. Walter Linen-Blend Scarf – $11.99

green scarf.jpg

I absolutely love love LOVE this scarf! The colour is AMAZING!! I’m quite a big fan of yellow and this is sooo bright and summery! It’s perfect to jazz up any outfit.


8. Cute Flower Indie Retro Fashion Style Metal Round Sunglasses – $10.95

flower glassesd.jpg

Aren’t these just the cutest?? I’m going away in a months time and these are definitely the glasses I want to take with me! The flowers remind me of little flowery eyebrows.


9. I Cant Adult Today Keyring – $16

adult.jpgIt’s simple. This is me everyday…


10. Rose Goldtone Pave Rhinestone Skeleton Watch – $99

rose gold watch.jpg

I know this is a bit more of an expensive accessory, but isn’t it beautiful!!! Not only is it rose gold, it’s a skeleton watch meaning you can see all the little cogs working away inside! I’m absolutely in love with it!


11. IDGAF Keyring – $16

idgaf.jpgAgain, it’s pretty simple, I feel like this a lot of the time. I’d tell you what it mean but I’m not one for swearing! If you’re curious, Google it ;P.


12. Unisex Sheer Jersey Scarf – $9

back scarf.jpg

It’s a simple scarf in the colour black, perfect to go with any outfit!



13. Darci Pave Green Mother-Of-Pearl & Goldtone Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch – $200


Again, another more expensive product, but isn’t it beautiful!! I love the light blue on gold! It’s also by Michael Kors, one of my favourite brands!

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