Where Have I Been???

So I’ve not been around in the past month, and I was worried I had thrown in the towel with blogging but just hadnt admitted it to myself yet. I dont think that that’s the case though as I’ve had so much going on recently that I’ve had to prioritize my life and unfortunately my blog was able to make that list. I feel that having the break has done me some good though as I am back and brimming with inspiration!

So what kept me so busy? Well firstly I’ve moved! It was my first time moving out (I was still living with my parents) and so it required a lot of my attention but now I am happily settled in my own place with my amazing boyfriend.

I also went on holiday for a week in Corfu. I planned on writing a few posts before I went and during the holiday itself but just wasnt able to get round to it.

Lastly, I’m just getting over a bad respiratory tract infection which has had me down for the past couple of weeks but I’m on the mend now (hopefully) so I’ll be regularly updating again and I cant wait!!!

Take care guys!


One response to “Where Have I Been???”

  1. Congrats on your new place! Welcome back to blogging 🙂

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