My Top 5 BTS Songs

BTS otherwise known as the Bangtan Boys probably have to be my all time favourite K-pop Boy group at the moment. They have brought out so many great songs that I have decided to narrow them all down to my top 5. If you’re new to K-pop and BTS, these songs will be great for you to start with. If not, what are your favourite songs?


  1. Dope

This was the first song I had heard from this group. It was actually the pictures they took for the teasers that got me curious. They’re all dressed up in this video and the outfits are great! Rapmon I think is a pilot (correct me if I’m wrong). Jungkookie is a police officer. Jimin I can only assume is an office worker? J-Hope I’m pretty sure is a racecar driver. Suga (again, correct me if I’m wrong) I think is an army officer. V is a detective (the huge magnifying glass gave that one away), and Jin is an adorable doctor. What can I say about this song and video, the choreography is amazing (and very hard to learn) and the song itself is so catchy!


  1. I Need U


I Need U is my number 4 as it’s such a nice song to listen to. It has some similar traits to Run as Jimin is in the bath (I’m sure no one has any complaints about that) and the train carts I think are the same. The endings are also slightly similar as they are all laying on each other, the only difference in I Need U is that they are all sleeping.


  1. Run

You might have guessed this made the list as I mention it in my number 4. This music video starts out with an intro (quite a few of their videos do). I also noticed that their fashion is awesome! This video alternated between happy and sad, one minute they’re pillow fighting, next Suga and Jungkookie are fighting. They also spend quite some time running in different scenes (I’m assuming this is because the song is titled run…)


  1. Fire

This track is still relatively new and actually made it to the UK charts!! Well done BTS!! This is such an upbeat song and the music video matches it so well. My fiance isn’t into K-pop but this song is one that he requests. I find it has a bit of humor to it with either Suga setting someone alight, Jin being ironed, or the boys going crazy over kitchen hobs.


  1. Blood, Sweat and Tears

This is my all time favourite song. These guys absolutely slayed it and the dancing! OHMIGOD!!!!! It’s quite a creative video and it begins in a museum. I also noticed that the table scene is very similar to EXO’s Monster. The ending is a bit odd as Jin is kissing an angel statue, but I loved the video regardless. Also, anyone else notice Taehyun’s Pyjamas?


So there you have it, my top 5 BTS songs. If you want to know more about Jimin, Kookie, Rapmon, V, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga, subscribe for some upcoming BTS Facts (work in progress). If you like these sort of posts, make sure to check out my Favourite Infinite Songs, My Favourite Big Bang Tracks and my 5 Current Favourite K-pop Songs.
What are your favourite songs? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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