TK MAXX Mini Haul

Hi everyone!!

It’s been a while since I’be done a haul, as I just don’t seem to shop that much anymore. That all seems to change as soon as I step foot into a TK Maxx store, I don’t know what it is about the place but I cant seem to leave without buying anything!

I find it’s a great place to buy cosmetics and skincare as you can get some good bargains. During this visit, I got myself some great bargains!


First off, I got some W7 sponges. I’ve never used a W7 product before, so I’m hoping I’ll be pleased. The only reason I went for this product out of the rest (believe me, there was a lot to choose from) was because there were two additional smaller sponges included which would be perfect for concealer. It’s RRP was £9.99, I got it £4.99.


Next up, I got these two gorgeous lip glosses. by Make Up Forever. I jumped at the chance to buy these as I love Make Up Forever, but I don’t get to use their products very often. I decided on these two gorgeous shades for maybe day and night wear. The RRP for these were &17.50 but I got them for £4.99. I’ll definitely be reviewing and swatching these in the future.


Last but not least (I was saving the best till last) I got a Too Faced palette with Selfie powders. I was so excited when I saw this as I’ve never owned of used a Too Faced product before and it was priced at £9.99!! It has three shades which when applied are supposed to mimic Instagram filters. I really cant wait to use this product and will definitely be reviewing and swatching them in a future post!!


Thanks for reading!

3 responses to “TK MAXX Mini Haul”

  1. I never even knew TK Maxx even did cosmetics! Would love to know how well the W7 sponges apply foundation and concealer, always looking for something cheaper than the beauty blender as I just can’t justify spending that much on a sponge!x

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    1. Thanks for reading! I used them today and they are very good!! I’m tempted to do a comparison with a more expensive brand! And yeah they do! It’s all with the bathing stuff!!! Xx


  2. […] recently went to TX Maxx and came back with a few bargains (you can read the post here). Two of the products I purchased were the Make Up Forever Lab Shine Lip Gloss. I don’t […]


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