That Long Overdue Blog Post

I actually found this post hard to start as I’ve written it so many times before. What would make this one any different? I wasn’t really sure what I should talk about or how I would explain my absence because I don’t really even know the reason for that myself.

So it’s been about two months since my last blog post(and even that was a rare occurrence) and I honestly have no idea why I stopped or why I kept stopping. I still brought make up, created new looks and had opinions on everything, why didn’t I document it and share it? I guess I just got so hung up on wanting people to like my content and try to write posts that I thought everybody wanted to read that I ended up forgetting the real reason why I was blogging, to have fun and to share my thoughts with everyone. Because I was trying to hard to write what I thought everyone wanted, I stopped having fun and I suppose just lost passion for it too.

I spent too long criticising my own work after comparing it to others, wondering why they were able to travel, review things being sent to them and do all these amazing things and why their content and pictures seemed better that I just deemed my own as rubbish. Little did I know theirs seemed better because they were passionate about it. They were doing it for no one but themselves.

So I’ve decided to have another crack at it. I’m going to write about what I want and stop trying so hard to please everyone. I’m not going to get myself down if my follower base doesn’t grow drastically over night, it’ll happen if i stay passionate and consistent. I’m going to be more relaxed this time around and just go with the flow.


Cazz xoxox

4 responses to “That Long Overdue Blog Post”

  1. I love this! It can be so easy to get swept up in the statistics, rather than actually enjoying what you’re working on. Maybe taking a quick break was just what you needed! Glad you’re back 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I spent so long worrying why no one was subscribing, I forgot the real reason why I was blogging! I’m looking forward getting back into it 🙂 ❤

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  2. I agree, you must be passionate about your work! Good luck with your blog! Hard work does pay off!

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    1. Thank you sweet, I think having the break did me some good as in brimming with new ideas 😊❤️

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