Emmimori VS BeautyLabs93

Check out the competition between myself and Emmimori! Vote on who has the best derp face and pass on!!


Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I need a bit of help from you. You see, me, my sister  and her fiance went for a walk an hour ago and…we decided to mess around and take photos of us pulling derp faces..

After a couple of photos and hysterical laughing, we began to debate on who pulled the best derp face. Then we got an idea. We should create a competition! Who ever gets the most votes of ‘Derp Queen’ would not only become the derp queen, but also be treated to any fast food of their choice, accompanied with a chocolate bar and fizzy drink.

This is when you come in. I want you to vote on who pulls the best derp face!

Help us put an end to our savage war, and finally crown the true queen of derp!

Voting begins now and ends 3rd July 6:00pm XD

Please vote away! (We have no shame XD)



To vote for BeautyLabs93, comment: Beauty for the win!

To vote for Emmimori, comment: Emmi for the win!

Vote in the comment section below!

See ya!

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