Cite Europe Haul|Sephora and Kiko|

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!

I’ve been a bit quiet recently as I’ve been on holiday in France but I definitely didn’t forget about you lovely lot! Unfortunately I was unable to blog whilst I was out there as we had no internet or TV for the entire week! It was frustrating at first but soon became very relaxing :).

I figured today’s post could be a mini haul as I was lucky enough to persuade everyone to stop off at Cite Europe as I knew it housed a Sephora which I was dying to visit!

I absolutely love Sephora and I always try to buy something when I’m there. I didn’t buy much but I am pleased with the few purchases I did make!

Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Foundation in shade 120
Fenty Beauty By Rihanna Foundation in shade 120

First up I brought the new Fenty Beauty Foundation by Rihanna. I only heard about this launch a few days ago and didn’t really think much of it until I saw the huge variety in store! This foundation only cost 33 euros and I got mine in shade 120. I also got one for my mum in shade 200. The colour range for this product is really wide, I am quite pale and always opt for the lightest shade of foundation (which can sometimes still be too dark for me) but in this range, the palest shade was too paler for me!

Sephora High coverage concealer
Sephora High coverage concealer with a natural finish in shade 06. light beige

Next up I purchased the Sephora high coverage concealer with a natural finish. I’ve never tried this product before, no have I really tried much of Sephoras own line except for a mascara, liquid liner and blush, and I am really looking forward to trying it out. I was really impressed with the price as I only set me back 13.95 euros. Like the Fenty Beauty foundation I was pleased to find they had a good colour range of shades. Instead of going for the lightest shade I went for the next shade up which is 06. light beige. I swatched this on my skin and the colour was a perfect match.

Last but not least, I popped into Kiko as there was a liquid lipstick I had spotted previously and was itching to buy it. It’s the instant matte liquid lip colour and I got it in shade 14 (I don’t think the shades have names), but it’s a beautiful dark grey/ green/ blue colour. I’ve added a swatch so let me know what colour you think it is below!

Thanks for reading!!


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