Things I do on Sick Days

We all have those days when we get ill, I don’t get them often when when I do, they suck!! At the moment I’m currently battling what I think is food poisoning, the worst symptoms have worn off, but I still cant eat without feeling like I’m gonna vom!! I’ve also got flu like symptoms which I hate, I cant stand having a blocked, sniffly nose :(.

I figured I couold use being ill as an advantage and write you a post on things I like to do when I’m ill to cheer me up, make me feel more comfortable and get me feeling better!

1. Netflix binge

Nothing can beat a good old Netflix Binge! When I get ill I like to just sit back, pick a good series and watch away! I’m currently watching Vampire Diaries, a bit late I know but OMG its SOOO GOOD!!

2. Read a book

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit and have time to yourself and go into your own imaginary state. I love doing them when ill as I always forget how terrible I feel when I’m in the wonderful world of my book.

3. Browsing the internet

Literally as simple as it sounds! I have a few websites I like to visit regularly as they are just so funn! One being 9GAG. I honestly dont know what I’d do without this site, it’s always cheered me up whether I’m ill or just feeling down.

5. Hot drinks

I dont know what it is about hot drink, I dont like them when I’m well, but when I’m sick, they’re like the best thing ever!I always go for a hot juice as I like the sweetness and flavour. I also find that the steam helps with decongesting. You can also have tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever floats your boat!

6. Eating

I for one know that when you get sick, eating is the last thing on your mind! I literally just ate a ham sandwich and tried my hardest not to see it again (if you catch my drift). But when you are able to eat, it’s good to eat plently so you wont feel as weak and keep your energy up.

7. Fluids

Again like eating, when ill, we dont usually like to ingest anything, but food and fluids are probably the best thing for you in those times. Making sure you drink plently of water as this will help you keep a clear head and stop you from getting dehydrated which can make you feel worse.

8. REST!

There is nothing more important than getting some rest! when you’re ill and your energy levels are low due to lack of food and fluids, sleeping and resting is the next best thing you can do!

I know it is short but these are the things I like to do to help me get over being ill! And if you’re reading this for the same reason I’m writing it, I hope you feel better soon!!


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