Youtubers That Make My Day!

I’m a Youtube addict. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m always on there whether it be for seeking out inspiration for new looks, because I’m bored or because I’m planning on spending the rest of my evening just watching my favourite Youtubers! So I decided I’d make you a post showing you who I love watching and some of my favourite videos from them. I like quite a lot of different genres so I split them up for you.

Let’s begin!



I’ve been subbed to Pewds since he first started on Youtube and absolutely love the videos he brings out. He does swear a lot, but I feel that just adds to the humor. Did I forget to mention he’s Swedish, so you’ll hear a lot of Swedish swearing.




I’ve literally only just started watching his channel, but I’ve known of him for ages. He literally has the best voice ever, he sounds like he is the perfect guy for doing voiceovers in movies and on TV!



Jeffree Star

I know this one is a bit controversial and you either love of hate Jeffree but I have to say I absolutely love the loks he comes up with and his techniques! His make up and skincare advice is also so handy to know and a lot of my routines are based of what he’s talked about.


I love Bubz, I’ve been subscribed to her from the very beginning of her channel and I’m pretty sure I’ve watched every video of hers. I love the looks she shares as some her very simple and easy to follow and some are very creative and still easy to follow. She hasnt been posting much recently but that’s due to her and her hubby Tim taking the big step into parenthood. Luckily you can keep upto date with her on her vlog channel which I will also mention.

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is literally my Youtube idol. I look up to him so much and pay extra attention to the advice he gives and it’s all so helpful. The looks he does are gorgeous and he uses highend and drugstore products to achieve them.



This is Bubzbeauty’s vlogging channel and she shares her life with you in weekly vlogs. I look forward to these coming out and love seeing what her and her family get up to.



I absolutely love this channel. The fist video I ever saw from them was the Stalking Mangina. Weird title I know but it’s so funny. He comes out with all sorts of different videos that feature himself, his friends and other youtubers.


Who is your favourite Youtuber? Let me know in the comments below


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