Simple Fall Look

This is a simple fall look I did just before heading out to dinner with the in-laws. My week had been a bit rough (involving a lot of crying) so my eyes were pretty red, I decided to use that to my advantage with the colour so it looked less obvious!


Primark Face Base Primer

Primark PS Liquid Foundation

NYX Hydrating Powder

Seventeen 18 Hr Concealer

Revolution Contour Palette

MUA Highlighter in Iridescent Gold


Rimmel Eyeliner in Brown

E.L.F Intense Ink Liquid Liner

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Curve Alert Mascara


Maybelline colour elixir – Raspberry Rhapsody


I hope you enjoyed this look 🙂


One response to “Simple Fall Look”

  1. […] I’m back after working on some new content for you all, I did write a post explaining why I had been away (which you can read here) but still hadn’t finished brainstorming for my new content! I decided I wanted to try and focus on the make up side of things as that was what my blog was intended for and out of 90-odd posts, I think there are only about 4 to do with my make up looks! My most recent was my Simple Fall look. […]


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