Imperial Leather Foamburst – Unicorn Marshmallow

I wouldn’t usually write a post about a shower gel, and it takes a lot for me to really want to rave about one, but OH MY GOD this smells amazing!!

The packaging, is very heavy and colourful, which I like because it doesn’t feel cheap. I’ve dropped it in the floor many times and unlike other shower gels I’ve previously used, it’s not cracked and is still in one piece.

When the foam comes out, it looks almost like a gel but it slowly becomes a really soft foam. Almost like shaving foam, but with a thicker consistency. It smells good enough to eat! It’s like vanilla and marshmallows.


When used, it leaves such a smooth feeling and has a light, gentle fragrance. nothing too over powering. I also feel super clean after using it! I don’t usually have a shower gel I’ll continuously buy and use, but this is definitely one i will be purchasing again in the future.

Unfortunately, this product is limited edition, but it has been out for quite some time now, so who knows how long its here for! Stock up while you can!

Where to buy:


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