Essie Mermaid Nail Polish Review

It’s only recently I’ve been able to wear nail polish as I have finally stopped biting my nails (YAY!). But since this miracle happened, I’ve gone a bit overboard on buying nail polish and now I have more than I know what to do with! So I figured, hey, why not review it! I will warn you though, my painting skills aren’t great as I’ve never had nails to paint but hopefully, I’ll be able to improve.

The product I’ll be reviewing today is the Essie Essea Mermaid nail polish set. These were brought for me as a gift, so I have no idea how much they were and funnily enough, I cant actually find them online!


The colours caught my eye straight away as they are both bright and pearlescent. the deep blue colour is called ‘Glow with the Flow’ and the white/pink colour is called ‘Polar-izing’.

‘Glow With The Flow’ Is a gorgeous pearlescent blue and when the light hits it, you can see purple. It’s such a gorgeous colour and really reminds me of the sea (when it’s not grey or brown haha!).


‘Polar-izing’ is a really lovely colour. In the bottle it look like it would be quite light but when applied, it’s a gorgeous light pink.


When the light hits both colours they really do sparkle.

I find that when I would attempt nail polish before, it would take literally FOREVER to dry. I find that with these, I only needed to light layers to cover my nail and they dried pretty quick! I caught my thumbnail (which is why it’s not in any of the pictures even though it’s my longest) and just painted over it when it dried slightly and has turned out fine instead of going all gloopy like most nail colours I’ve used before have done.

These aren’t my first Essie products and they definitely wont be the last! I never really understood the hype over the slightly more expensive nail brands, but once you try them, it really does make sense. The quality and colour over all is amazing and I’ve not been disappointed with these or any other nail products I’ve purchased. I’d highly recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for new and bright nail colours.

Have you used these colours? Whats your favourite Essie Nail Polish? Let me know below!



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