Make Up Tips That Could Change Life

These days makeup has become apart of our daily lives. Many of us wear it everyday (myself included), even if it is just the basics or a full face. Makeup is always on trend and has been for years because the trends are forever changing. This also includes the type of makeup we use. Remember coloured mascara or foundation lips? Whilst I can say I’ve never gone for the foundation lips look, I’m still partial so some coloured mascara every now and again but it no longer makes the cut of getting into my daily makeup routine.

I’m always on the hunt for makeup tips and I have gathered quite a few over the years but I’m no professional. These tips wont work for everyone or you might already know them, but I swear by them!

If you’d like to know my top makeup tips, then keep reading!

  1. Dampen your beauty blender to help close pores

My pores have got a lot more visible recently and become more prominent when I wear makeup. Before I use my blending sponge, I always give it a clean with hot water a antibacterial soap. I then run it under the cold tap and squeeze out any remaining water. I find using a cold blending sponge helps close my pores instead of using a sponge dampened with warm water which would open them.

2. Spray your beauty blender with setting spray before makeup application

I do this after I have dampened my sponge with cold water. I find this helps set my foundation and concealer in place when I use the sponge so I don’t need to rely so much on setting powder.

3. Tap primer over pores

When I apply primer I always make sure to tap it onto my skin around my pore areas. I find this helps blur them more instead of just sweeping it over like i would on the rest of my face. When I use this method I find it makes a huge difference to the visibility of my pores.

4. Set eyes with powder to avoid creasing

Even though my skin is generally dry/dehydrated, I find my eyelids get really oily so my foundation/concealer creases quite quickly (if not instantly) after application. I also find that liquid eyeliner doesnt last as long either. I can prevent this by seting my eyes with powder. I find loose powder works best for this but pressed powfder can do the job also. Instead of sweeping the powder over my eyes, I make sure the makeup is blended in (and not creased) and then press the powder onto my eyes with a brush. You can use a blending sponge for this but I find it can make my eye area look cakey/over powdered.

5. Less is more

When I was younger, I was under the impression that I would need to wear a lot of foundation and concealer to cover my imperfections and would just slap it on in one go. Most of the time my face would be a completely different colour to the rest of my body. This would actually make them more noticeable as product would cling to my dry areas and go patchy after a while. I find by starting with less product then gradually building it up gives the desired look and you can control how much you are actually applying and where.

I hope you found these tips helpful, I use them everyday and they work so well for me! What are your top tips, comment below and let me know!

thanks for reading!

2 responses to “Make Up Tips That Could Change Life”

  1. I never would of thought to use cold water on my sponge to help with pores! Great tips!


    1. Thank you! One of my friends on Facebook mentioned it so I gave it a go and never looked back!

      Liked by 1 person

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