Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review W/ before and after pics

Reviews were once a regular feature on my blog (you can see some previous ones here)and I’m really happy to be doing them again as I enjoy them so much! I’m sure there are a lot of girls, myself included, who are on the hunt for their perfect foundation but always have trouble finding the right shade (in my case, really pale) so I hope this will help you.

I’ve had this foundation for quite a while now and have only used it a few times (I switch up my foundations a LOT) and I have to say, I’m really impressed with it so far. I was on the fence about it a while back as I saw a lot of people were recommending it to those who had oily skin, which is the complete opposite type to my skin. Mine is dry/combination so I was convinced it was a no go! Boy oh boy, how wrong was I???

I got mine in quite a pale shade (1C0 Shell) and when I was in the store buying it, I could see that they had loads of different shades all with different undertones which I thought was amazing! It’s so hard to find a brand these days that caters to all different skin shades and tones, but Estee Lauder is definitely one of them. I often find it really hard to find a pale enough foundation for myself, they are always either too orange or pink, but I was really pleased to find one that was suitable for me and it wasn’t even the lightest shade!

The coverage on this product I would say is medium but it is definitely buildable to a heavy coverage. It airbrushes the skin and evens out uneven skin tones, dark circles, pigmentation etc. I suffer terrible dark circles and get random patches of redness on my face, but with a bit of extra product, it can easily hide it which means I don’t need to use as much concealer.

Like I said before, I always thought this product was more for those with oily skin, so I was under the impression it was quite drying. On my skin type (dry/combination) I thought it would be really cakey because of the coverage but I was really surprised to find that it had a dewy finish! It doesn’t feel heavy on the face, and works great in all kinds of weather. I can easily wear it on a hot day and not feel like it’s running off my face.

The Double Wear foundation does contain SPF 10 which isn’t bad, but not the best so I would recommend to continue wearing daily SPF underneath it.

The staying power is great, I find it pretty much lasts me all day and I don’t really need to touch it up, A little also goes a long way with this product so it can last quite a while.

I’ve taken some before and after pictures with just the without and with just the foundation, which are completely unfiltered and unedited so you can see what the product is really like! I also used my back phone camera to give the highest quality picture.


Here are my before pictures. I have nothing on my face here! (Please excuse the shininess, I just sprayed my face with a hydrating spray!)

These pictures are with a small amount of product on to give a medium coverage. I really didn’t need a lot to get this amount of coverage and I feel like it does a good job of hiding my redness.

Here I added one more layer of foundation which still didn’t feel like a lot to me. I would also say this is full coverage for me and considering I have nothing else on my face, it covers my imperfections really well!

I wouldn’t say this is the product to reach for if you are going for a ‘no foundation’ look as it’s noticeable that you’re wearing product but I think you could get away with it if you wore a very small amount and maybe mixed it in with a primer/moisturiser to dilute it a bit.

This retails at Boots for £33.50 but you can find it at Debenhams for £28.47, which in my opinion is still quite pricey for a foundation, but you are quite literally getting what you pay for. It’ll last a long time, has good coverage and comes in all different shades.

Overall, this has definitely become one of my favourite foundations. I let my sister try some and she loved it so much, she asked if I could get her some for her birthday. The coverage is great, it doesn’t cling to my dry patches and it gives a lovely dewy finish. If you’re on the fence about this one, I would definitely recommend you buy it. I’m glad I did!

Have you tried Double Wear? What did you think of it?

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