How to Bounce Back After Christmas

We’ve all had the struggle of getting back into our routines once Christmas and New Year are over. You feel like you have forever off, no longer need sleep and calories no longer exist. Next thing you know, January 2nd is round the corner, you’ve got no sleeping pattern, you’re a good few pounds heavier and feel nowhere near ready and prepared to head back to work!

This happens to me every year and before I used to panic as I never felt ready for work and getting back into my daily routine whereas now I am able to ease myself in nicely. I will be sharing my tips below so if you’d like to know how I do this, then please keep reading.

  1. Take part in Dry January

If you don’t drink alcohol, then go to the next tip. If you do drink, then hear me out! I don’t drink often except for Christmas time when it’s pretty much daily and I find taking part in this really helps me. I always notice a different in my energy levels round Christmas time and I know almost daily drinking is a great contributor to this.  I feel sluggish, eat more and my quality of sleep is terrible. By taking part in Dry January, I swap the alcohol with herbal teas, the occasional diet soda and I drink water like it’s going out of fashion. By doing this, I’m flushing out my body and am feeling back to my old self in no time!

2. Cut Out Unhealthy Foods

Without a doubt, I always gain weight over Christmas. In fact, most of us do and it’s definitely not something to worry about. On January 2nd, I drop the unhealthy stuff and either remove it from my home or put it somewhere where I wont be tempted to eat them. I then focus on eating more proteins, healthy carbs and vegetables  to help drop any Christmas weight.  I use an app called MyFitnessPal to help me  count calories and ensure steady weight loss. In fact, by following this tip, I have already lost the weight I had gained over the holidays!!

3. Get some sleep

During the holidays I was glued to my Xbox. I wasn’t going to sleep until 4am-5am and was waking up around 12pm-1pm. Not really an ideal routine for someone who has a 9-5 job! I didn’t actually start working on my sleep routine till the night before I was due back at work. Because of the late nights I wasn’t able to fall asleep till around 2am and was up at 7.45am. Next I am planning to sleep between 11pm-1am and make the time gradually earlier everyday. Sleep is a really important factor in our lives and it can affect us so much when we don’t get enough of it. By following this tip, I’m back to my sleeping routine within the week and am usually feeling back to my normal self shortly after.

4. Tidy up!

I rarely spend time at home during the Christmas Holidays so the flat gets quite neglected. Between the 18th December and the 1st January, we had only spent about 4 full days at home! We got back quite late on January 1st so had no time to tidy as we had to prepare for work the next day. After bringing in our weekend bags and Christmas presents it truly was a mess. To avoid overloading myself, I clean in small steps over a couple of days. To start, I’ll wash up, throw away any rubbish, do some laundry and put our presents away. It’s not too much but it’s just enough to get things back on track. Afterwards, I do a small amount of housework each day until everything is nice and tidy, just the way it was before the holidays.

I know these tips are very basic but I feel they are quite often overlooked. After following for a few days, I begin to feel like I’m back in the swing of things. I hope they help you too.

What sort of things do you do to recover from the Christmas Holidays? Tell me in the comments below 🙂




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